10 Virtual Reality Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Now

  • SMU Plano Campus 5236 Tennyson Parkway Plano, Texas USA
Photo by giovanni gallucci / LiveLoudTexas.com

I'll be speaking at the Rocks Digital Meetup at the SMU Campus in Plano, TX this month. Rocks Digital provides digital marketing education for business owners and digital marketers.

I'll be talking about what I've learned as a digital marketer in the virtual reality space. You can sign up for the meetup group at http://www.meetup.com/Rocks-Digital-Marketing/ to be notified about the event itself. It is tentatively planned for February 16, 2016.

Virtual Reality (‘VR’) gives digital marketers the opportunity to give their audience the closest experience they can get from a product, service, event or place without actually physically being there. 

As the lines between the physical and virtual worlds get increasingly blurred, VR presents marketers with an ideal way to engage their customers. 

VR is now on what the Gartner Group has coined the ‘Slope of Enlightenment.’ In this talk, Giovanni Gallucci will show you 10 ways digital marketers can start using VR right now in their campaigns

January 23
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