Social Media

After almost two decades building online communities and developing search engine technology, I have been recognized as an award-winning new media producer, photographer, and videographer, an entertaining public speaker, successful online marketer, author, digital media strategist, and social media expert. As a social media operative in the shadows of the internet, I develop strategy, create buzz, host events, produce content, and engage with users and members of the online press corps for clients, public relations firms, musicians, production houses, artist managers and ad agencies as a critical member of our clients' teams.

Other areas of expertise I provide include on-site training, online content production, community building, online brand reputation management, audience development, online training, online public relations, online viral marketing, online video optimization, and search engine optimization.

Lots of buzzwords there. I use them for bait... Everyone talks about the latest trends in social media, but most never get past the fancy buzzwords. I deliver lasting experiences users love. Period.