CANDLIFY #VR Technologies Launches InstaVR

CANDLIFY VR Technologies has released the beta version of InstaVR – a new web based authoring tools platform that enables virtual reality creators to quickly and easily prepare publish-ready formats. This new authoring & publishing platform is expected to facilitate a boon in VR product creation.

Up until now, VR content creators experienced numerous challenges to publishing VR content. The biggest factor hindering development has been the differences among VR platforms. Each VR platform requires different playing solutions and different head-tracking SDK (software development kit) integration for publishing on the various platforms. There is currently no standard solution for playing high performance VR videos/images in the 3D space. It is also a challenge to find a developer who can integrate content that is adaptable to the various platforms.

InstaVR solves these costly challenges by providing a standard solution for playing any VR images and videos with high performance and an automated integration process to adapt to various VR platform SDKs. Through InstaVR, content developers can author their VR content online and then obtain packages for the various virtual reality platforms. These packages are publish-ready and can be submitted directly to each applicable marketplace. As a result, InstaVR allows content creators to develop and build a VR app in minutes.

VR Content developers are invited to evaluate the beta version of InstaVR and may request access via the onsite inquiry form at:

giovanni gallucci

Giovanni Gallucci, 7000 Independence Parkway, Suite 160, #205, Plano, TX 75025, USA