Final Leaked Details Before The Apple iPhone Announcement

Uncovering the iPhone 7: A10 chip 2.4 GHz, better cameras, water resistance, new colors, and more…

Here are the final details about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that Apple will present this Wednesday. Although we already knew many of the new features of this new generation of iPhone, Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has gone one step further and is much more specific about the features and specifications of the new iPhone 7s. This article is a spoiler of the highest magnitude. If you want to hold on to the few minor surprises which may be left in the keynote, maybe you should not read this article… or the internet or talk to anyone, or get out of bed.

Kuo confirms the design we have seen in recent weeks: The new phone will retain the current generation chassis with antenna redesign and new cameras as the only significant outward change. Internally, the iPhone 7 will be a completely new phone, especially when it comes to processing power.

The iPhone 7 will come with the brand new Apple A10 chip - a CPU capable of running at 2.4 GHz. A significant change from the current A9. The processor will be manufactured by TSMC and will use a new 10nm process that will improve performance and speed. RAM will also be increased in the iPhone 7 Plus to 3 GB, while the 4.7 inch model will retain its current 2 GB of RAM. The reason for the bump in RAM on the larger model is due to the dual camera which imposes a greater processing burden on the device.

4 + 2 - 1 = 5

As rumored for the past few weeks, Kuo has also confirmed 2 new colors for the iPhone 7: Dark Black and Piano Black. The first will be slightly darker than the current Space Gray and the second will have a glossy finish similar to the MacPro desktop. Who would have thought that when Phil Schiller said "Can't innovate anymore, my ass!" during the MacPro announcement at WWDC 2013, he was actually referring to the finish on the computer.

Apple will discontinue the current Space Gray with the introduction of the iPhone 7. Moving forward, there will be five color options available: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Dark Black and Piano Black. Kuo has indicated the Piano Black may be exclusive to the iPhone 7 256GB models.

Soon after the real iPhone 7 leaks started in July, we began hearing about the device’s camera. Apple will improve the cameras in both models, but the big changes come with the iPhone 7 Plus and its unique dual-lens camera. This camera will allow optical zoom similar to a light field camera. One camera will host a wide-angle lens and the other will have a medium focal-length lens. I expect both to have 12 megapixel sensors and optical image stabilization. The final result will be different from other camera phones on the market with dual cameras like the Huawei P9. For the exact details… we will have to wait a few more hours.

This is not the only new feature being introduced with the iPhone 7 camera. It appears that Apple will also include a new flash LED that will enhance the result of images taken in low light conditions. If rumors are to be believed, we will have three new LEDs to illuminate our images: 2 warm and 2 cold.


Another new feature which has been all but confirmed by Apple is the IPX7 water resistance certification of the new iPhone 7, which is similar to the Apple Watch. IPX7 certification would allow for the phone to get completely wet under a water fountain for a half hour without any detrimental effects. If true, I will be able to leave my Samsung Note home on shoots. I have always used the Samsung phones in inclement weather… no more. Will you be brave enough to try it?

The iPhone 7 screen will also see a small improvement, although it will retain the current resolution. Apple will include the same technology found in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro to render a much wider range of colors and improve the appearance of photographs taken with the iPhone’s camera.

Several sources have indicated the iPhone 7's box will have EarPods with a Lightning cable and a 3.5 mm headphone adapter. No one is expecting a set of wireless “AirPods” with any of the models. The space left by the missing headphone jack will not be used to incorporate a new speaker, but is expected to instead include a new sensor to enhance the 3D Touch device.

The proximity sensor on the new iPhone 7 will increase recognition and distance accuracy while allowing new gesture recognition. I hope we also find a new internal amplifier to improve the external sound.

32GB, 128GB and 256GB, Oh My!

Finally, several analysts are expecting new storage capacities in the iPhone 7: 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Apple will remove the current 16GB model, which was expected for some months, along with the 64 GB model.

As for sales, Apple is expected to sell 65 million iPhone 7’s in 2016, a decrease from the 82 million iPhone 6s’ that were sold last year.

If you want to watch the announcement live, Apple will be streaming it here at noon CST on Wednesday, September 7th.

Now it’s your turn: What do you think about the specifications of the iPhone 7? Leave a comment.

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