ibattz Refuel InVIctus Alpha

ibattz has released a new line of charging cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, along with fast-charging battery packs for other mobile devices.

Adding to its signature Refuel line, ibattz adds the Refuel InVIctus for both new iPhone models and Refuel InVIctus Alpha for iPhone 6. Refuel InVIctus packs 3200mAh of extra battery power for the iPhone 6 and 6000mAh for iPhone 6 Plus with two interchangeable 3000mAh units. Refuel InVIctus preserves the appearance of the new iPhone models with its ultra-slim shape and is designed around a swappable Samsung Note 3 battery module, meaning users can swap out one battery unit for another. Refuel InVIctus for iPhone 6 Plus is available for $129.95. Refuel InVIctus for iPhone 6 will set you back 99.95.

The Refuel InVIctus Alpha for iPhone 6 is a waterproof removable battery case, complete with optional belt clip holster, designed around a 3200mAh battery. The charging case is both IPX8 and military grade certified; keeping the iPhone 6 protected from water, and extreme drops. Refuel InVIctus Alpha will be available for $129.95.

Other Items

ibattz’s Nomu Poisedon is a rugged case designed to protect the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from water, shock, dust and snow damage. Nomu Poisedon is IPX8 and military grade certified, and designed with the goal of maintaining audio quality. Nomu Poisedon for iPhone 6 will be available for $69.95

ibattz also adds four new power banks to its collection, including the world’s smallest, high-capacity power bank. The new portable charger utilizes Panasonic Automotive Grade Cells, provides 10,000mAh of spare power and is the size of a credit card.

The in-car Jumpstart AC/DC Charger is a 10,000mAh battery pack complete with 80-watt AC Anywhere and three USB ports. The new Jumpstart AC/DC Charger is both an in-car charger and starter, meaning it can jump-start a dead car battery using the jump-start cable as well as the 12-volt vehicle lighter socket.

ibattz also has a new electric personal commuter line, which includes the Phantom electric skateboard and the Tornado foldable electric scooter, as well as two partner products. The new hand crank charger is the size of a credit card with 400mAh of battery storage, and the Mogics LED flashlight features 10 hours of illumination with 300mAh of battery power.

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