Multiuser Instagram Accounts

According to some users who have access to the latest version of the APK Instagram or who are part of Instagram’s Beta Program, Instagram has released an update in which, for the first time, supports multiple accounts within the platform. This is a game changer for everyone who needs to manage two or more accounts Instagram.

Instagram has finally decided to quietly test the support of multi-accounts in their platform. It may seem an unimportant story, but the amount of people who have two or more profiles on the platform is not small. Instagram is not ony used as a personal platform and hasn’t been since shortly after it was launched. There are a multitude of businesses and organizations that have profiles on the platform.

Starting soon, having to switch accounts through third-party applications or having to log out and log back in will be a thing of the past.

Until now, in order to manage multiple accounts on Instagram you had to resort to third-party applications. Of course, that was not only a kludgy process, but it also brings up questions about the privacy and data security. Being able to officially have multiple accounts on a single app greatly simplifies a user’s workflow and offers extra security.

According to the Android Police, the feature shows up on version 7.12.0 of the app. You can get this version either from APK Mirror or by enrolling in the app’s official Play Store beta testing program.

While there is no official word on when this will be released into the wild, this is a good thing.

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