Pixel Film Studios releases FCPX: Audio Visualizer

Pixel Film Studios has released a new professional audio visualizer for FCPX.

Final Cut Pro X editors can now create wriggling lines, bars, points, and shapes that move to the beat of the music without ever having to set a keyframe in FCPX. With the FCPX: Audio Visualizer, making video DJ backgrounds is effortless. Editors just choose a song file, and customize the look. The FCPX: Audio Visualizer does the rest.

Auto Audio Detection

With elements based upon music videos and dj backgrounds, The Audio Visualizer was designed to help users create moving lines and shapes that will perfectly match the beat of their song. FCPX editors can simply choose a wav audio file and the FCPX Audio Visualizer will automatically detect the BPM and loudness of the track.

Over 30 Presets

From bouncing bars to wriggling lines to jumping dots, users can visualize their audio in a myriad of unique ways. Users select and drag the style they want into the timeline and import their audio into it. The FCPX: Audio Visualizer will then create a customizable waveform based on the song.


Fully Customizable

Once users have the generator and audio in the timeline, they can go to the FCPX Inspector window to customize the visualizer. Editors have total control over the color, size, distortion style and much much more.

The FCPX: Audio Visualizer requires Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.4 or newer.

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