Polk Audio Striker ZX Xbox One Gaming Headset

The Polk Striker ZX headset is designed specifically for Xbox One. The Striker ZX connects users with a high performance immersive audio experience that is intended to take them deeper into games, music and movies. Polk Audio’s design of the Striker ZX is functional, stylish, and comfortable to keep gamers focused on gaming. Polk has developed its own wireless headset adapter that connects gamers wirelessly to the Xbox One, gives them chat functionality, and enables them to control both their game and chat volume mix.

Inside the box you will find the Striker ZX headset and the Polk engineered wireless adapter. The adapter is a snap to install. Just pop it into a wireless controller, update the controller’s firmware, and you are ready to play. Since the neodymium speaker drivers inside the headset run off of the controller’s 2 AA batteries, you don’t have to worry about buying strange battery sizes or charging docks.

Striker ZX Features:

  • Polk Audio has been in the sound game for over 40 years. They know how to make amazing-sounding headphones. The Striker ZX’s sound will help you hear all the detail and all the subtleties in the game.
  • The 40mm drivers have been created using Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance driver design process. This helps eliminate resonances and creates the Striker’s high-quality sound.
  • Sturdy build means the Striker headset is a tool you can depend on to give you a gaming edge for years to come.
  • Strain Relief Cable connector at the ear cup ensures the 40-inch cable always keeps you in the game. Two additional Split Cables enable you to connect to your platform of choice.
  • Wireless Headset Adapter: Polk’s Xbox One design will have higher output for gaming and chat, helping create a better gaming experience.
  • Retractable, Omni-directional boom microphone, with a 7cm extension, is flexible so it conforms to the way you like to chat and slides neatly into the ear cup when you’re done.
  • The chat loop feature listens into your mic and lets you hear your voice in the headset to avoid shouting.

The overall construction of the headset is sturdy. Both over-the-ear speakers feel firmly attached to their swivel mounts, one allowing the speaker to rotate up and down, and the other left and right.

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