Search & Social Secrets with Photos and Video

Search & Social Secrets with Photos and Video - State of Search 2015


giovanni gallucci

Giovanni Gallucci uses his personal experiences and industry insights to provide a picture of what it takes to be successful in today’s online photo & video climate. As always, he’ll bring you practical tips on content creation and delivery geared toward the development of new audiences. 

You’ll learn about:

  • who is watching
  • how they are watching
  • how engaged they are
  • what has changed in online media over the past few years
  • where we are seeing the biggest shifts in audience
  • what they want based upon their viewing habits
  • how to develop the right content for your audience

Giovanni has never been shy about dishing the secrets and he will not disappoint in this session. You’ll see what he does, how he does it and which tools he uses to get it done.

giovanni gallucci

Giovanni Gallucci, 7000 Independence Parkway, Suite 160, #205, Plano, TX 75025, USA