ZVOX Introduces Smart Speaker that Uses Hearing Aid Technology to Enhance Clarity

95 million Americans are over the age of 50. And they are the first generation to grow up listening to LOUD rock music – so many suffer from minor hearing impairment. Combine those rock-impaired ears with the puny sound systems built into flat screen TVs and you get an epidemic of people who are constantly asking “What did he say?” while watching TV shows. Millions of people simply can’t understand dialogue on many shows.

The new AccuVoice TV Speaker from ZVOX is the best, smartest solution for this problem. Only 17” wide, it uses a computer processor that mimics the functionality of a hearing aid. It applies an advanced compression/equalization algorithm that lifts voices out of background sounds to create the clearest dialogue reproduction ever. This proprietary (patent-pending) technology is activated only when voices are detected in a soundtrack.

“I went to my first concert in 1966. The Who. Fargo Civic Auditorium. Admission $1.25. My hearing was better when I walked in than when I walked out. I’m not alone. Millions of baby boomers with “rock tested ears” are now listening to the worst sound systems in TV history. But Baby, AccuVoice can fix that!”  Tom Hannaher, CEO and long time Who fan.

The AccuVoice TV speaker is enclosed in an elegant aluminum cabinet and uses three high performance full-range speaker drivers to create realistic, room-filling sound. ZVOX’s proprietary PhaseCue virtual surround system produces three-dimensional sound from a speaker that’s half the size of a loaf of French bread.

The AccuVoice TV Speaker will be available at selected retail and online stores (including bestbuy.comamazon.com and crutchfield.com) and direct from the zvoxaudio.com web site. Shipping September, 2016.

Kickstarter Introductory Campaign. This week ZVOX will launch a Kickstarter.com campaign to help introduce this revolutionary new product.  Consumers who pre-order the system will receive special Kickstarter discounts on their speakers. For more information go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/715950056/zvox-accuvoice-tv-speaker-with-smart-hearing-aid-t

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