Digital Strategy


Digital Strategy

Every digital strategy I build with clients is unique to the organization working with, guided by your data and customized to your requirements (whether that’s budget, resources or timelines). If you’re keen to work closely with me, that’s great, because I love learning about businesses and collaborating! I can help you build out your strategy in a series of workshops, or start with just one to tease your exact target.

What you get is more than a strategy – it’s a living document. Together, we will align your business objectives with customer journeys, draw out tactics to sustain user engagement and drive your bottom line, outline the metrics that will help you track progress and provide a clear roadmap for rolling out the strategy.

An excellent strategy is only as successful as the people who drive it, so I always align your external efforts with your internal conditions. You’ll understand how to make the most of your resources, the skills your team should be developing and the knowledge that needs to be shared internally.


What You Get

An actionable roadmap for great digital results and a plan to ensure your team is equipped to implement it.


  • Situational analysis and a vision for your brand’s two-year digital direction.
  • Engagement strategies that map key touch points across the ideal customer life cycle (or donor journey).
  • Tactical paid, owned and earned digital channel plan, including recommendations for email marketing and automation.
  • A content strategy that’s targeted, clear and compelling.
  • A data strategy that includes best practice data collection, storage and maintenance.
  • Digital resources plan – who you need and what skills should be developed.
  • Measurement plan setting success metrics and KPIs to track performance and growth.
  • Roadmap to direct strategy, implementation and development.

Get a blueprint that maps the path to digital success. Contact me now to find out more!

Excellent strategies for a nonprofit or business. Just the right amount of content, now to find the time to implement! - (5 out of 5)