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(UPDATED October 2017) - Things change. My March, 2017 "social media photographer gear" article was live for no more than a few weeks when I dramatically changed my setup and workflow. So, let's do this. I'll post change-related blog posts when I make big changes to my set up, but my current list of gear and software will live here and I'll just link to this page anytime I refer to my gear or software in my articles.  

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Hardware & Software I Am Currently Using

This is the current gear I use on a day-to-day basis for my social media work. While my flirtation with Windows Pro 10 is over (for now), I have adjusted my workflow enough that I can now make the move to Windows quickly and painlessly if necessary. 


The items on this list have been tested in real-world situations and on real jobs. This is the gear and the software I currently use to deliver award-winning SEO and social media marketing results to my clients.  I focus on being efficient with my hardware/software budget which is not the same as being frugal. I don't want to sacrifice the quality of work I produce for the sake of saving a few dollars. However, I don't want to throw money away needlessly either. So, I work hard to get the tools I need versus the ones I want. How does this manifest itself?


Well, all my content is delivered in 1080p HD. Therefore, I don't need a camera that shoots video in 4k and that will not be a feature that I'm in the least bit concerned about when I select a camera for a project. 


I'm also focused on getting my workflow and hardware/software set up optimized so I can get as much done as possible, as quickly as possible, and with the lightest footprint possible. This means scaling back not only the hardware, but also the number of programs I use to get my daily work done. 


As always, everything on this list is highly recommended by me personally. 

Computers / Mobile

Cameras & Gear


Giovanni has been a great asset. He has talents that encompass not only SEO/SMO expertise, but all the other areas of marketing including branding, photography, marketing, video, and many other skills to go along with making your brand visible. - (5 out of 5)