I am no longer sending out a newsletter. The content is duplicated on my blog and syndicated out across all the major social media sites.  

Not to worry - I'm still publishing the same content. Each week on my blog (used to be newsletter) I write reviews, behind-the-scenes articles, & “how to’s” related to digital marketing, social media, SEO, & web design with a heavy emphasis on how you can use photography & video online and in social media campaigns.

These are typically long-form posts. In this day & age of headlines, images, bulleted lists, & memes cluttering up our mind share, I thought it would be a great idea to write longer blog posts that go on for days & days & days. I hate the bait & switch of “here is the first paragraph of the article, now go to another place to get the rest.” I might change that up later depending on feedback, but for now I think each post will be a single, full article focused on depth of content, not sheer volume of headlines in the shortest amount of space. If there are links, they will be to tertiary items that expand on the article or amazon links that take you to products I am writing about, not links to finish the article on some site so I can boost my web traffic numbers. If this interests you, YEA!  

One more thing: I write in a casual, conversational tone. I don’t know if that’s good or not but it’s how I write. I hope that’s okay with you. 

Another thing: I usually miss a couple typos before I post. I also shorten words like “through” to “thru” or use an ampersand for “and.” I also overuse hyphens, semicolons, commas, & ellipses. I KNOW all of those are bad. But to be honest. I don't really sweat the typos. I hope the ones that slip through are not too cringe-worthy. I could care less about whether it’s proper to concatenate words, go overboard with the … or use internet slang when I write. From what I can tell, the good folks currently subscribed to my search + social + strategy blog are willing to put up with the super casual style and I appreciate them for that. 


— Shrdlu