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  • I post reviews for different kinds of tech and photo/video products & services on & GeekBeat.TV.
  • These terms are for any reviews I personally do and relate to any and all review units I receive. Any terms or agreements with other websites, whether verbal or written, I write for are superseded by these terms. 
  • Links to all reviews and news items are posted to twitter.
  • The full text of reviews and news stories are posted to Facebook, Google+, Medium, and Tumblr.
  • If reviews and stories are created with video, those videos are posted to Facebook, Vimeo, Vrideo (if shot in 360), and YouTube.
  • Be aware that I do NOT send things back after review. I have a hard enough time keeping everything coming in straight. No way I could send it all back. If you expect to have any review units returned DO NOT send them to me. It will NOT be returned. After I review a product I'll either keep it to use, give it away to fans, or dispose of it in some other way as I see fit.
  • If you need an NDA or embargo, just use this form to let me know BEFORE you send it. I will be happy to work with you on that.

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giovanni gallucci
c/o Reviews
2900 Camp Wood Court

Plano, Texas 75025

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