During the past two decades (plus), I've been blessed to work with amazing clients with clear vision on some creative projects that have been recognized by the press and earned raves. Here's a sampling of some of the people I’ve worked with and projects I’ve worked on providing search engine optimization, social media marketing, digital strategy, photography, video, web design and/or software development.

today, i am solely focused on working with food & beverage brands. i have worked with clients in film & tv; marketing & technology; music (artists & business); sports; travel; and other industries and i continue to work hard to build the brands of a few legacy clients in non food & beverage industries. with that said, my practice has evolved into working exclusively with brands who have deep ties to food and beverage. this allows me to focus my tactics and techniques to a single industry so i can maximize results for all my clients.


Connecting with people digitally is like dancing-you're great! We love your social media moves. You have serious social media game. - (5 out of 5)