reacting to a national crisis on social media

This is the last day of Lollapalooza. This is not the day that I wanted it to be.

I guess this video is gonna turn into a video about what do you do whenever there's a national crisis, and how do you adjust considering that people in the world sometimes really suck. And I wish this wasn't the case, but this happens way more often than it should.

I'm not very chipper this morning. Some moron decided yesterday they were gonna make a political statement and walk into a Walmart in El Paso and slaughter a bunch of people. I just don't understand, I don't understand.

So, with that being the case, it clearly causes someone like me, who's doing what I do, to have to kinda re-evaluate what we're doing outside. Whenever this stuff happens, I don't know how this affects any of you all, and people deal with these kind of things different ways, but clearly, in the situation that I'm in, you have to stop and really re-evaluate what you're doing, and figure out a way to...

You got to adjust.

When find yourself in situations like this, and I think it depends on what size the brand... What the size of the brand is that you're dealing with, you have to make an evaluation of whether or not you continue to operate business as usual, or whether you have some level of... Whether you have some level of basically radio silence, and there's basically... There's a myriad of different ways that you can address these things, as far as how you respond. One level is just to be aware that something has happened and kinda be sensitive to topics and conversations people might have, all the way up to complete silence on social media, not talking to anyone, not responding to anything at all, and places in-between. So, in a situation like this, where we've got this mass shooting, from what I understood, it's... The last thing I read was, it's about 20 folks passed away. Typically, what I did was, certainly, on the day of and the day after, now, I was out on site yesterday. I was not aware that this had happened yesterday. For all of my clients, I was posting as normal 'cause I wasn't aware of the situation.

This is a pretty big deal. Typically, when you have something like this, like a mass shooting, when you have a natural disaster where there's a lot of casualties in the national disaster, you typically want to just stop and take a breath. Certainly, you're not posting a bunch of silly, positive, fun loving, goofy kind of posts, 'cause that's certainly not... People looking at your content and looking at what your brand is putting out need to know that the brand is aware that there's a crisis at hand and that we're not just plowing along, business as usual. So, I guess, in context to this, in the situation we're in today, right now, the approach that I would typically take with a brand is certainly no new organic posting. No postings that are...

The music festival today, I'm not gonna be able to post anything about it, nothing on stories, nothing in the regular feed at all, complete silence. But what I will do is still engage with people. I will comment on posts that people leave, I'll still like posts. I'll answer questions that people ask the brands online, but there won't be any new content from us today, and depending how the next few days go, we'll kind of monitor the situation on a day-to-day basis.

I just don't know what's wrong with the world. We've gone absolutely crazy.

Well, if 20 folks in El Paso weren't enough, just checked the news, and it looks like we've had a second shooting in Ohio, in Dayton, which is a lot closer to here, with nine more people that passed away. So, suffice it to say, it's gonna be an interesting day today, and I'll tell you what, there's gonna be a lot of angry artists up on stage today. They're gonna be angry, they're gonna be feeling like they need to tone down the rhetoric and try to bring folks together. It'll be interesting today to see how the police respond to folks like me, who are walking into the festival grounds with backpacks full of gear and monopods and all that stuff. I don't know how it's gonna go, but I may be in a situation here where they don't allow me to bring some gear into the festival, so I'll have to see about that. I'm gonna be nervous about that now.

Kind of thankful for the fact that I've got this drive, because it allows me to clear my head a little bit. Part of the lesson here is that you gotta keep on keeping on, kinda. Plowing ahead, gotta try to stay a little bit creative as much as I can, and gotta keep my wits about me, and I've still gotta collect content and stuff on some level. It kinda helps bring you back to reality.

I've basically got, once I get the car parked here, I'll have 45 minutes to get into the festival. I need to get the shot of the Lollapalooza sign, and then I'm gonna go head out and try to get a shot of folks coming in the gates, which should be fairly easy, as long as security lets me. That's gonna be a kicker. So, moving along, plowing along, as if... It's not that there's nothing wrong, it's just that you've gotta keep working.

What a jacked up, crazy world we live in.

i didn’t vlog for the rest of the day. i wasn’t in the right headspace so i just kept working.

when a national crisis occurs, day-to-day activities should halt immediately and crisis management mode should begin.

depending on the situation, this may look something like this:

  • cease communication with the public via company accounts immediately.

  • pause all auto-scheduled posts.

  • do not engage in communication until you communicate with brand executives.

  • report anything of concern to brand executives immediately.

  • analyze crisis situation and confirm details with reliable sources.

  • work with brand executives to decide on which crisis guidelines to implement.

  • apply crisis guidelines as dictated by the situation.

  • follow guidelines exactly, without deviation.

  • work accurately and efficiently.

  • prepare what to say if think you’ll need to make statements or respond to your fanbase about the crisis at hand.

  • review ways the brand can assist those in need who were affected by the crisis.

  • keep your head down, stay focused, and keep working

  • say a prayer for those who need it.

  • be thankful for your blessings.

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