How To Tell If Your Social Media Strategy Is Working

are you happy with the results of your social media marketing? in this video, we'll talk about the questions you need to answer in order to take your social media to a new level.

the year-end forces necessarily make the balance of your shares of online marketing. what results have you had? would you have to change something or completely rethink your strategy? such work takes time and dedication.

true, sometimes the dynamics of what now prevents you analyze in depth what the performance of each of the techniques that you implement in your business. however, the secret to success lies precisely in knowing the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of your business.

therefore, we take care to do the hard work for you. we collect the questions you must answer to know how well your strategy is working. take pen and paper and start now!

7 questions to evaluate your plan of social media

if you're willing to improve your results, you should check each of these aspects. did you think to start the new year without analyzing your strategy? of course not!

1- are you where you belong?

yes, have a presence in social networks has almost become a must for many companies. however, the success of your strategy is given by your ability to choose the best channel to publicize your brand.

as you may know, all social platforms have different characteristics and objectives, requirements and different audiences. therefore, you should not give the same to be present in one or the other, but take a strategic decision based on your goals and needs.

your main challenge will be to analyze each one and find out what is the best for you to reach your target and reach your goals. in this way, you can focus your efforts on what will bring results for your business.

2- does your community grow?

the clearest sign that your strategy works is that the number of fans and followers increases every day sign. why? the logical thinking is that your content is engaging and relevant to your community and why they decide to join.

the main risk is that you can address incorrectly oriented your posts and followers you've got not correspond to your target, which will not increase your conversions.

if analyzing your strategy you realize that the growth of your community is not progressing as you'd like, here are some tips that will be of great help. pay attention!

on twitter, follow users that correspond to your target or industry benchmark are where you want to position yourself.

share contents of relevant users mentioning their accounts.

promote your publications, materials or even your profile to reach a new audience.

organize contests and sweepstakes to generate engagement with your followers and others join your community to participate.

post exclusive promotions for members of your community.

add the social media icons to your email marketing campaigns.

3- your content is relevant?

if you are unable to add new members to your community, you have a problem, and you need to rethink your strategy. perhaps the reason for this is because the content you post is not interesting enough for your target either regarding subject matter or format of presentation.

what to do? a good way to know what you are looking for your target audience is studying their behavior, interests and needs. the more you know, the easier it is to reach him with messages to be effective.

on the other hand, it is key to analyzing what does your competition to find a vein that has not exploded yet, and you can do it.

how to know if your content is relevant? the answer is simpler than you think. while the most common indication that what you share is interesting is the interactions that generate posting, another important sign is external references or mentions in other media or blogs.

4- are you generating interest in your product or service?

it is no surprise that social networks are one of the customer service channels more important that a company possesses. often, consumers prefer brand contact using this medium, not classics like the phone.

for this reason, if your followers and fans consult about your products / services, it is a great sign! it means that the content you post on them is fulfilling their goal: attract potential customers.

to seize this opportunity, you can offer exclusive promotions for members of your community, why not take interesting ideas to optimize your actions or products.

5- do you generate conversation?

if your posts are relevant and attractive interactions of users will soon arrive. if that does not happen, and every time you make a question or post a content not receive "like," comments or people do not share, you have to assess how great are your publications.

an error that often makes brands in social networks is talking about themselves all the time. believe that your company is the center of the world is not something that can generate interest among users.

therefore, there is a world-renowned speaker standard 80/20 and states that it must strike a balance between the two types of content: 80% has to be useful and to address issues relevant to your users, while the other 20 % can use to promote your products or services.

there is no universal formula that allows you to measure the engagement of your content. however, the more reliable is the equation that compares the number of interactions with people reached publication.

therefore, a good rate is that which has engagement of average 2%. if your average is lower, consider rethinking your content categories and calls for creativity to impact the user. learn how to generate engagement on social networks!

6- do you get visits to your web site from your social profiles?

one of the metrics that you should always look at is what places comes from the traffic to your page. if social networks do not appear among the top ten sources of visits, you should analyze what is happening.

it may be that your messages are not clear enough or attractive enough to make users click. strive to make the titles, descriptions, images and calls to action complement your postings to generate traffic to your website, shop online, blog or landing page.

7- do you meet the kpis that you have proposed?

you can never know how well you're doing your job on social networks if you do not measure the results of your actions and check whether they are consistent with the objectives. after all, what good is an active and growing community if you do not meet the business goals you have set?

to do this, you must determine what will be social media metrics to analyze such as the number of followers, the range of posts, the number of interactions, clicks on links, etc. you also need to define the instruments use to measure your results and when you will.

have you passed the exam?

if you answered each question, you are ready to assess how well your social media strategy and how you can optimize it. tell us in the comments section what was your result!

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