Last Second Change-apalooza

In this video, we're gonna talk about what happens when things don't go according to plan.

So the video I just released yesterday morning is I've been going through my bag and talking about what I'm bringing with me, so that I can go and I can shoot Lollapalooza. And for better or for worse, I've got everything all set up, ready to go. But literally tonight, before I was about to come out and do a walk, I got a text from the client that we're gonna have a piece of the activation at Lollapalooza that I wasn't anticipating. So this is an artist that's gonna be at the activation. And it's been an investment in having this artist there, so it's important to know, and we need to make sure that we get our investments out of it.

So, A, thank goodness that I found out about that now, as opposed to showing up on site not being prepared. Although, considering what I'd planned on taking with me, there wouldn't have been a complete disaster. I certainly would have the gear to be able to do a sit-down interview with him, and to shoot what I needed to shoot. But now that I know that we're gonna have an artist there, that I need to do a sit-down interview with, I need to get some audio from, I think I might have to reconsider what I'm taking with me on the trip.

Now, I've gotta think this through pretty quickly, because my flight tomorrow morning is at 5:00 AM, it is about 8:30 right now, the night before, and so I'm kind of walking here, clearing my head, thinking about what I might do considering what this artist does. And, once I kinda get a storyboard in my head about how I'm going to integrate this person in with the content that I'm creating this weekend, then at that point, I'll kinda know if I need to add or change any of the gear in my setup.

So the question is, what do we know now, what are the expectations for this? So, for the most part, the shoot is still the same. This is not taking away from anything that I was gonna do ahead of time. It does add a piece of a narrative content that I need to get, I need to get an interview with the artist. When I get back home after this walk, I'll go and look through their website, kinda see what they've got going on, see if there's other already created content on the web that I might be able to borrow from. And this is a really cool deal, it's not like I'm bummed out about this. I mean, the artist was at our activation today, so just to kinda get some context.

Lollapalooza this year runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's Thursday evening right now. Lollapalooza is in Chicago and I am in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. So the plan is I will hop on a plane at 5:00 AM tomorrow, I will get into Chicago at about 7:40. Hopefully, I will be in my rental car and heading toward Grant Park by say 8:30. I've gotta contend with rush hour in Chicago. So, let's just hope that I'm at Grant Park on the site by say 9:30 tomorrow, so that typically is not a challenge. What's gonna be a challenge is me being able to pull him aside, and get some time to chat with him, and that's gonna be a very casual interview. I've already planning on bringing the Wireless GO from road, so I'll be able to clip on a lavalier to him, pop it onto a camera.

The things that I'm concerned about are, do I need to go ahead and bring a Canon EOS M50 for the interview? If I brought one of those for the interview, it sure would help me with the quality of the video and I probably bring 50 millimeter 1.4 lens with that. And the only purpose for that M50 the entire time would be for the A camera for that interview. Makes life a lot easier also, because I can plug the microphone directly into that M50, not have to sync up audio. Now that I think about that, I think that M50 is coming with me. God, I was hoping to be able to do this without that. So I'll bring the Canon M50, but I'm gonna hold myself to only using that for the interview itself, nothing else. I'm not gonna cheat.

The other piece is gonna be because this artist is gonna be at our activation creating artwork, I feel a bigger need to go ahead and bring the edelkrone slider and my two Motion One Boxes. Because if we've got the artist in the booth creating art, having that slider move back and forth, having the movement of the motion heads in sync with each other, really kind of really increases the value of the video. So, yeah, I think those... I think the edelkrones are coming with me. I just gotta hope and pray that I don't get a bunch of dirt and dust inside of them. Hopefully they'll be okay.

Okay, not a huge deal. We'll make those adjustments. To my kit that I talked about yesterday I'm going to add the Canon EOS M50 with a single... I'm not going to bring any other lenses. I'll bring a single 1.4-millimeter. It's the nifty fifty lens from Canon, it's still a really cheap setup. I was already bringing the Wireless GO. And then I'm gonna add to the kit, the edelkrone SliderONE, two Motion Boxes, the LPE... Six batteries for those. I'll probably bring two batteries each. I'll have six of those batteries. Man, that really really... [chuckle] adds a lot of weight to my kit. That is a shame. What I'll shoot for though, is I'll shoot for only using those pieces of the kit on a single day so I will aim to get in there and get that interview done tomorrow. Then I'll be able to leave the EOS M50, that extra heavy lens and the Motion Boxes and the Slider, I'll be able to leave those back at the hotel for day two and three. Then I'll get back to business with shooting with the G1X Mark III and the Insta360s. What do you think about that? Think it's a fair plan? I think it's fair.

So I think that's it. That's a pretty easy solution to having a kind of a wrench thrown into the gears here. Thank goodness I got that text tonight. Like I said, I would have been able to pull it off, if I hadn't gotten the text ahead of time and if I found out about that once I got there, but this gives me enough of a heads up that I can make some adjustments and really kinda up the quality of the videos that I'm gonna produce for the client. And it's also kind of testimony to... When you're carrying around such a small kit that it's easy to make those adjustments and not have a gargantuan-ly huge terrible impact on what you're carrying with me. 'Cause at the end of the day [chuckle] the M50 camera is super small and light. The lens is small and compact. You know those Motion Boxes and the Slider are all compact and they're actually made with the intention of having those things be portable. Right? So really easy to make that adjustment, so not a huge deal, at the end of the day. What you gotta do is make sure that you take care of that client. Make sure that... You know, all the work that needs to get done gets done for them.

I'll still do my experiment with shooting the festival on the G1X Mark III and the Insta360 and the only difference will be is I'll have the M50 for the interview. That will be it, easy-peasy. Not a huge deal. We will make adjustments. And I'm gonna get myself home and everything's already packed and ready to go. All I need is... I'm gonna hit the hay early, get up, probably around 3:00 AM, probably make a stop at Whataburger. If you know about Whataburger, you know... And head over to the airport. I'm sure we'll be talking in the morning on my way to the airport too.