content creation at a music festival with instant 360 x & canon g1x mark iii

In this video, we’re gonna go to Chicago and shoot a music festival.

Hey guys it’s Giovanni. It is about 4:20 in the morning, and I am headed to the airport ’cause we’re going to Chicago today, we’re gonna create content at a music festival. Now that I had a little bit of time to think about, what I was talking about in my last video with having to bring extra camera and thinking that I needed to bring a slider with me on this trip. I’ve put the extra camera back so I’m not bringing the M50 with me. What I’m gonna do instead is just bring an external audio recorder. And if I do decide to go ahead and shoot the interview that I’m planning on shooting at the festival, I’ll just use the external audio recorder as my audio source and then I’ll sync up the content ’cause the more I thought about it, I’m only gonna need that for one individual situation, which is that interview and I don’t want to have the M50 with me there to kind of cheat during the weekend. I wanna shoot this entire thing including the audio now on the G1X Mark III.

And then use the Insta 360XInsta 360 One X as a B-camera and kind of a special effects camera. So that’s it. I put the M50 back. I put the batteries back for it. I’m leaving the slider one home. But the one thing that I did change, that I did stick to, is that I decided to go ahead and bring two motion boxes and we’re all good. It’s all gonna be fine. Let me get through the toll booth here. Alright, so we’re all good there. Now I gotta find my way to terminal C and get myself to my gate before my flight leaves. So wish me luck.

It looks like my gate is boarding now. Started boarding a couple of minutes ago, should be fine. So looks like we made it since you know I’m here and all. It is about 7:30, 7:45 and we’ll head down to the baggage claim, and then head over and get the rental car.

So now what we need to think about what’s gonna happen when we get on site today. My primary function right off the bat is going to be, get coffee. And then I need to get myself over to Grant Park. Get there, I’ll need to get my credentials and kinda figure out what those give me access for ’cause anytime I get to an event like this, until I pick the credentials up, I don’t know exactly what I’ve got access to and what I don’t have access to, that is random. So I’ll head down get my coffee, get my credentials and then get on site, and do a little bit of exploring. I got some friends that I need to say hi to. And then we start shooting based upon… This time it’s gonna be based upon a… What would you call that? It’s not a script. A story board. Based upon a story board that I’ve got together for this trip. That’ll be interesting. So you’ll see how I’ll execute that. And then beyond that I need to get the interviews with the artists, or an interview with an artist and see how I can lead that into the content that we’re creating today. But right now, I just need to get my bag.

Okay so now we’re set with the baggage I need to head over to rental cars.

Where are you going? Budget?


Yes sir. That’s your bus.

Thank you.


I hope you guys have a wonderful day today, get a wonderful rental, at a wonderful rate.

Let me find my way out of here. I don’t know if I’ve been here or not. This place looks brand new.

Hi there.

How are you doing?

I’m good. How are you sir?

Good. Thank you.

Alright. You’re all set.

Thank you very much. God it feels good out, holy cow. This is gonna be a good weekend people. I was gonna shoot a little bit and talk to you guys, but you know what, I’m gonna roll the windows down and play some music instead, so you’ll have to forgive me, but the weather it’s just too amazing to ignore.

I’m at the front gate for Lollapalooza. They’re about to open up the gates here we’re a couple of minutes away. I would assume the gate’s gonna open while I’m talking to you guys. But basically what I’ve got set up here is I’ve got a 360 degree camera. You see right here, this is an Insta360 One X, we talked about this in another video. This will capture everyone coming in. The nice thing about this is that if I just leave it here, it’s gonna capture everything that happens around me in 360 degrees. I can also pick it up and run up to people and follow them so we’ll see what that looks like also. But the nice thing about a camera like this, is that I don’t have to do anything, I set it here, basically I have to protect it and that’s about it, because as all these folks start coming running in here, they obviously can be a little bit unpredictable, especially at a music festival. So anyway, so I got here about 45 minutes ago, I went… Obviously, I got my credentials then I ran over to our activation and I checked in with the staff there, just to kinda see what their day look like. I grabbed something to drink. Super important to be hydrated all day long here.

And then the first thing I did is I came back, got set up over here with the camera to be ready for the gates to open. And in this situation you kind of run around and get your shots and you kinda set up. A lot of it though is just waiting. So we get the shot set up here and now I just wait for the gates to open. When the gates open, it’ll be about five minutes of me getting content. And then I’ll stop and look at my shot list that I wanna get for my after movie and I’ll move on to the next spot. I don’t know if you hear that but that is the theme to Star Wars which signifies the opening of the gates. And so here they come.

Okay. So some real talk here. That opening sucked. Basically three people ran in and were excited about the day today. I don’t know if I was in a bad spot or if people are just over the whole running into the park super excited thing, I don’t know. But I do know that that sucked. So I’ll try that each day, to see if I can get one of the mornings where people are a bit more excited to start off their day. You know, that’s the way it goes. I have kind of staked out a couple of other places that I can shoot, get some shots on for my after movie. And right now, I’m just gonna run around and get my B-roll.


So speaking of getting my B-roll, got a band, and now that we’ve got a pretty decent crowd, I’m gonna see if I can squeeze my way into the middle of them, and get some good 360 video.

Hi that was a day. And it’s not over yet either. Kids do I look as good as I feel? Well, first and second shift are down let’s set out for the third shift. How do I look? I look foxy actually. Yeah, that was a day, and it’s about 9 o’clock, so we’re, if we’re not careful, we’re gonna get into 24-hour territory here. So… Ooh almost hit a car. Nothing went as planned today which if you do these often enough, you’ll find that that’s what always happens. Between gear messing up on me and people not being where they’re supposed to be, it’s been a challenging day, but it’s fun nonetheless. I can’t argue with how fun this is. You just have to be able to be flexible and not lose your mind. Let’s see if I can get out of here first time around and then…

Thank you for your business, please drive safely.

What? Can I go out of here without crashing my car? Possibly? Thank you. Alright. Let me find somewhere I can pull up into. So here’s my deal now… Oh yay a stoplight. That’s great. My glasses feel a little foggy. I’ve called my hotel, it’s 9 o’clock. It’s 10 o’clock? What time is it? 9 o’clock. I let them know that I’m gonna be checking in very late. Comedy? I don’t think that’s it. So here’s my deal. I would like nothing more than to head straight to the Marriott and get snuggled up into a big fat huge pillow.

Oh don’t come up after me, come on man, you’re killing me dude. Can I just pull over somewhere without you… I’ll pull over here. So I would love to go and pull into a hotel and get some sleep right away, and not do anything at all. What in the heck are you doing? Dude, what are you doing? But there are after-parties to go to shoot. So… Okay, so we… That goes too. So yeah, so I’ve got two options, I can cry and whine like a baby and go back to the hotel or I can… Is this the hustle life? I can hustle and go to the after party. I’m gonna compromise.

What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go to the after party and get just barely enough content to make it look like I was there quite a bit. And then I’m gonna head back to the hotel. I do need, this is not just me being a baby, I did get up at 3:00 AM So if I can get back to the hotel by say midnight and hit the hay that would be stupendous. I literally think these guys in front of me are having a pie fight right in the middle of street. Oh my gosh, I mean do you have… What are do you doing? Freaking drive. What is up with this town? What is up with you Chicago? I mean it’s like y’all don’t even… Why do y’all even… Why do y’all spend the money to paint the… Every road here is blocked off. I’m not sure why. People in this town, hey turn your lights on. Three cars behind me have no lights on. Why do I sound like such a grumpy old man? Oh I’ve been up for 19 hours. And what I have had today? A grilled cheese sandwich. What is up with this town.

I know what’s up with this town. Can I turn here? Can I turn here? I can turn here, maybe. Possibly. So, how’d your day go? Well, the things that I had planned, none of them turned out the way I expected. One situation, one person who is pivotal to the day, and actually, it was more of a they needed to be where they were supposed to be, and by the time they’d shown up, I had already been committed to meeting other people doing other things. So that person missed out. See if we can make it up tomorrow or Sunday. One artist I was wanting to meet, I missed her on the first go around. Thank goodness she was playing twice today. When she was done with her first performance, boy she took off fast and I couldn’t break away from my conversation quickly enough to catch her. I had to… I kinda had to sneak into the backstage of another stage that I don’t think I was supposed to be in. But I got in, and I met the artist, and got a hug which was terrific.

Whenever you are blessed enough to work for a brand that is so beloved, it has so many fans that when they meet you they hug you, that’s kinda neat. That is really kind of neat. Boy, everything is blocked off over here. What on earth is going on in this here town? Man, stuff is blocked off. Is this because of Lollapalooza? Oh boy, man I need to get out of here before this concert finishes. This is about to be a parking lot. That was one artist. Fantastic meeting her. She was ridiculously nice, and hopefully if things work out we’ll get to work with her, deliver her some goodies as I promised on Instagram, and she was really happy about that. And then another band… The whole band, big fans of the brand that I work with, I got a hug from one of them, too. That was… So that happened. So one thing missed that I wanted to get done as far as shooting, and the other things with not meeting someone. One of them was not a huge deal ’cause I’ve known her for a few months, and it’s not a big deal. The other one, we adjusted. Oh, and actually I met a third artist that was someone that I worked with several years ago, like almost 10 years ago.

So as I went through the day, and as I think back about what I used on the day. This is disgusting, but it really tastes good. This is my coffee from this morning. It’s like the right temperature. One thing that surprised me is that I thought that I was gonna use the G1X Mark III for the vast majority of the stuff that I shot today, but using that 360, the Insta360, is absolutely addicting because it does not look like a camera at all. Man, what a powerful, ridiculously powerful tool. Yeah, I used the G1X Mark III for… You know, what I guess what I would call testing some time-lapses. And the other problem with that, though, is that because I didn’t have my tripod with me, I tried to do the time lapses with the motion boxes using the monopod, and the monopod’s got feet on it. But, you just can’t hold that thing perfectly still. So tomorrow, I will… I certainly will get in before the gate opens again. Tomorrow, I will have the tripod with me, and will… I’ll probably start the day doing more time-lapses in the morning before it gets really hot, to avoid what I only can imagine was overheating on the yellow grounds.

I’m totally guessing, but I mean they worked fine for about 30 or 45 minutes, and then I went to go use them again in a different location. They were just wigging out on me. They wouldn’t stay connected to the phone, then I noticed that the batteries were burned down, so I changed the batteries up, but they still… They kept on disconnecting from the phone. Then I couldn’t get the tilt head to consistently tilt in the right way. It’s disappointing ’cause I’ve never… When I’ve used them in my studio I’ve never, ever, ever had a problem with those things. They behave flawlessly for me. So I’m kinda bummed out by that. I hope I haven’t broken them. Alright, I’m about five minutes away from the nightclub. My face is a little bit warm. I wonder why? Could it be from being out in the sun for 14 hours? Nah. Nah. Dental implant, no dentures. What, do you use other people’s teeth? What is that? Gross. Off to the nightclub, ’cause I’m a clubber. Clubbee. What do you call people that go to clubs? Are they clubbers or clubbees? I need a hot dog. I’m in Chicago.

I’m gonna call this a night. I got to the club, got the shots I needed, and got out. If I stop and grab something to eat on the way, think that I will be back at the hotel right at midnight. I wish I could check my hair to make sure that I’m pretty for y’all. Okay, so that’s day one of what it looks like. Now, day two… Now admittedly… And a lot of it’s because of the noise. I did a terrible job of stopping during the day and documenting what was happening. I’m gonna do a better job of that tomorrow. If I get the motion boxes to work, I’m gonna actually have more things with me tomorrow than I did today. And I’m gonna take an extra bag so I can fill it up with product and go out and give it to people and get shots of them with it.

So, tomorrow is two things, it depends on how early I get up. If I get up at 7:00 AM and I’m up and ready to go and not dead, which I think is possible, if I can get up at 7:00 AM and be out the door around 7:00 AM and down here by 8:00, then I will go ahead and shoot my B-roll tomorrow, meaning… Well, I said B-roll. I will shoot my establishing shots tomorrow if I can get up and be out. If not, then we’ll try Sunday and/or… If we don’t get it done Sunday, it has to happen on Monday before I leave, ’cause I’m leaving Monday afternoon. But I baked into my schedule, I don’t think I’ll fly out until 5:00 or 6:00 maybe. I definitely baked into my schedule time to shoot additional stuff on Monday.

Alright, so wish me well finding something decent to eat on the way home. Oh man, a hotdog would be terrific. Is this where I close the video? Let’s do something like that. So, if you enjoyed watching day one, my day one of Lollapalooza and you wanna see more day ones and day twos and day threes of events that I’m shooting while I’m being honked at, driving in cities that I’m not used to driving in, then by all means subscribe. Likey, likey. Comment, comment. What is all the honking for? Holy cow. I just don’t know where that’s necessary. If someone is so angry. You need a Pepto-Bismol or something.

But anyway, likey, subscribey, commenty, all that good stuff. And if you think certainly I did something dumb during my day one of day two at Lollapalooza, by all means, leave a comment. Tell me how dumb I am. Anyway, I gotta find something to eat. Chicago, I gotta be able to find a hot dog in Chicago. People in Chicago don’t pay a lot of attention to the color of the traffic lights either. It’s kind of when the light turns red, then there apparently is like an extra three to four seconds available to you. Oh my gosh. What are y’all doing here in this town with the driving?