social media photography at lollapalooza 2019

Okay, so we got one shoot down. A minor brush with security, not a huge deal.

Is this a camera?


There is no professional photography allowed without permission from our PR team.

It's not a professional camera. But I do need to kick it up a notch here 'cause that took me much longer than I expected it to. I will say that even though I did have that minor brush with the security it kinda surprised me, and I think I reacted a little bit too harshly, think I jumped the gun on that one. The next one, if it happens, I think I'm gonna take a much friendlier approach and chit chat while I'm videotaping so that I can get what I need to get while they're chatting and kinda stall a little bit more.

The other thing that I can't afford to do besides spend all this time doing this stuff is that I'm not gonna tolerate gear that doesn't work today at all. My second iPhone had an issue and so it's out of here, it's done, that's it. Hold please. See what I've done here, as far as where I've positioned myself, I'm hoping I'm only about a block away from the river. I found kind of a random parking garage. I wanna get in, get this shot, and get out. Where am I? I have no idea where I am. Alright, where are we? Looking for a river. There it is. I'm about two blocks away from it, that's not terribly bad.

Alright. That was much better, much faster on the bridge. So the last thing I need to do here is find a shot of a subway train on a platform. Actually the bean's right over here I think, if the bean's over here I'm gonna get it right now. I've been looking for that. Wish me luck, I think I'm a block away from the bean.

Hi sir, how are you?

I'm doing great. How you doing?

I'm good. Was you taking professional pictures?

I know you can't have tripods in here, but I'm walking around like this, walking around the bean over there and I'm videotaping and I know very well that I looked at the park rules before I came out here and it says that I can't have a tripod but certainly as long as I am moving that everything's fine.

Without a permit, you gotta have permission.

If everyone out here is shooting with iPhones for their Instagram, I was doing the same...

Those are phones.


Those are phones.

Okay, well I'm gonna disagree and I understand if you guys wanna call the police that's fine, but I checked the rules before I come out here. Whenever I travel to other cities and I wanna shoot stuff I make sure that I don't do what I'm not supposed to do.

But we have also been made aware that the rules have been changed.

Okay, okay, well tell you what you need to update your website, because if the rules have been changed...

I don't control that, I don't control that.

I know you don't but neither do I, so I did my due diligence and I checked the rules that y'all publicly have posted to give us indication of what we're allowed to do.

That's what I'm telling you.

There is nothing on the website for this park that says that I can't walk around with a selfie stick and shoot stuff with a selfie stick. What does the new rule say that's been changed?

Now the rule is you cannot have a camera, an article attachment, accessories, no type of accessories.


Unless you have a permit. Like there is no recording at all or no...

So you're telling me that in a public park, you're telling me that I can't record in there? I think that what they've told you, and I think that this is outside y'all's control, so I'm not getting upset with y'all, but here's the thing.

That's okay.

If y'all have a public safety issue with me coming in with a tripod, I totally understand that. Okay, but here's my point is that it is federally legal for me to shoot anything that I can see with my eyes as long as I am in a public space. You guys can't come in here and say that, "If it's this camera or my iPhone, this is not okay, but this one is." Because I saw four people in there with huge DSLR cameras because this is a public space.

But it's also private as well.

Okay, but it can't be both. It's either... If any part of it's public...

It's public because people can come in, have fun, relax with their families, it's private...

Would you like to speak with our supervisor? Hold on, let me talk. We came and talked to you and I came and talked to you professionally.

Okay, I understand that.

I'm not here getting upset and anything. We're just doing our job and I don't want you to be mad at us because...

I'm not mad at you.

These are the rules that they've given us. We just doing our job and it says that we gotta explain to you guys about it and not film. Is it okay if a 360 camera allowed? Because I low-key think you should be okay, I'm not sure. As long as you not taking pictures of the landmark.

What's the landmark?

The bean.

Well, I've already taken the bean. I've already gotten pictures of that, so now what are we gonna do? Have an awesome day. Hi, I'm Joe Bonyers. Good to meet you. How are you doing?

Nice to meet you too.

How you doing? I'm Giovanni, good to meet you.

I'm so sorry about that.

Seem to be bumping into security quite a bit today, I've had two more run ins. One of them she came up and tried to get me to stop and told me that what I was doing wasn't allowed because of copyright blah, blah, blah and I just kind of dismissed her out of hand and just kept on doing what I was doing and walked away from her area. Got myself into another confrontation. I think what had happened is that it was a part of the same park, but a different area and so they had different security folks come and find me and talked it out, took about five minutes or so, but explained my position, which was A, I'm in public, we're not gonna stop videotaping, they can't make me. And B, if they really feel like they need to do that then they need to go ahead and call the police and have the police deal with me.

Had those hiccups but worked through 'em pretty easily. Another thing, a few things is I've really gotten lucky here in this scenario, I'm cranking through the different shots and I also have not only found a subway platform which I think may be the same subway platform from the video that I'm mimicking here with this shoot, but I also found that promenade so that promenade apparently was in that park where the bean was and where the waterfalls were. So I'll be done with all the B-roll by 3:30 and should be able to make it to festival grounds by four and then we'll be off to shoot the rest of the day.

I think one thing I might do is I might walk down and try to get some kind of a parallax effect where I'm walking towards the train as the train is coming towards me. The funny thing is is I'm standing here with this big rock on a subway platform, and if there's anywhere that I would have thought that security would have been all over me it would have been here, not when I'm taking a picture of a ferris wheel or taking a picture of a big silver bean in a park.

Okay. I think they were just doing some repairs. I got nervous because they held the trains up for about 10 minutes, but they're rolling again. My train is rolling again so I'm gonna get my footage here with the parallax on it and then I got some big news.

I just got finished texting with... I'll just say somebody who works at Lollapalooza and it looks like I'm gonna be able to get on to one of the main stages and get some crowd shots, which will be pretty amazing to get fresh crowd shots from this year.

Alright, we're looking good, we're getting out of here. I've been sitting in that garage for about an hour and a half. I think I remember that happening one other time but we're free now. It's 10:48, that's not terrible. They warned us that the garage was gonna be closed from 10 to 11. I tried to sneak out early, I got down here at 9:30 but apparently they shut down the garage at... Earlier than 10:00. Not a huge deal though. I just spent my time in the car pulling all the video off of my cameras, off the cards and speaking of that, my shot list is looking good, it's looking really good. I knocked out a ton of stuff off the shot list today.

A few things happened by accident, but I will take 'em. The other thing was, and this was more my... It was actually a 10,000% my fault is I wanted to get to 12 good shots of folks at the festival with the product, I don't think I got that. I'm lucky if I got 12 shots period, which would include good ones and mediocre ones and bad ones. Yeah, I dropped the ball on that today, and that's really my fault because I'm not terribly social, I'm very shy and walking up to perfect strangers when they're partying to the latest hip hop hits doesn't come naturally for me.

Tomorrow, a lot less Insta360. I did not pull out the G1 X Mark III one time today, the entire day, the entire... Everything that I shot for the client today, I shot on the Insta360 which is fine. That's not a bad thing, I mean it's a killer camera, holy cow. What I'm gonna do tomorrow is I will use the Insta360 for getting six or 10 more shots of folks with product and I'll call that a day. I'd like that just because it really just... You can't take a bad picture with it because it's 360 and the quality is good enough that, holy cow you really don't have to think, you just have to generally point it at something and you got it. I did find out... Boy, I tell you what and it's a good thing, it's a good thing I found that hack for using the tripod, which I never had a situation where I would have used a tripod today, but I'm not even supposed to have the monopod in there, so I'm already getting away with something.

I can imagine that if I was... If I would have shown up with that tripod today, holy cow, that would not have been good. I'm feeling good about today, can you tell? I don't know if you can tell or not, I'm feeling good. I don't feel fresh though. I do not feel fresh, so that's one thing. If you don't like feeling fresh or if you like feeling fresh and you don't like feeling not fresh, subscribe to this channel, and I say that like it's an emergency.

You really need to subscribe to my channel. We're not kidding around here, it's an emergency. I have never seen a tow truck working a siren like that in my life. That is... That's weird. Anyway, subscribe, like, comment. I'd like to see the comments on how you guys think I handle the security guards today. Now that I'm all chilled out and I'm relaxed a little bit, I think I was kind of a meanie, I think I jumped the gun on 'em. Oh, they're fine, they deal with jerks all the time. I just get jerky 'cause it's like, "You know, you can't tell me I can't shoot something I can see in public." Jerky jerks. See you in the next video.