you can't take pictures here!

Is this a camera?


Is this a camera?

Yeah, it is.

There is no professional photography allowed unless you get permission from...

It's not a professional camera.

There's no...

Alright, so we are...

That thing, this thing... My day two, at Lollapalooza, we are going to shoot... Where did he go? Is this it? Here it is. We got a very basic shot list, but these are things that I'm gonna get today on top of other interactions with fans and things, but we're gonna knock off that entire list today. And if I knock off that entire list today, then I've got everything that I need for the baseline after movie that I'm gonna produce for this event. I also, however, need to have content for the day that I can post as I go through the day, so I can't forget that. And I need to do the interview. Interview with... And the artist has already told us that he may or may not be in the mood to do the interview today, so I'll have to just figure that out as I go along.

I've got my tripod with me, but I've really... I'm really, really nervous about taking that. It's a huge amount of extra weight, number one. And number two, they really, really, really, really, really, really don't like tripods at Lollapalooza. And I've flown under the radar pretty well. Well, I've done a really good job flying under the radar by just using a monopod. But then the problem with the monopod is, is that it that really limits me with the time lapse stuff. Oh there's a Target. Problem solved. Yeah, problem solved. Never mind, we're not gonna take the tripod. I know what we're gonna do. We're gonna stop at Target here real quick, and I'm gonna solve my problem.

So, one of the most important skills that you can learn that you can develop as a content creator is the ability to MacGyver yourself out of situations that you find yourself in. It's really cool to be able to have a job where you can be creative on top of trying to be creative, right? So, in our situation, I really need the ability to hold down the tripod or monopod, so that it's not flopping around whenever I'm shooting the time-lapses. But the folks over at Lollapalooza are not gonna want you to do that. And I understand why. I mean, it's an issue of safety, right? You don't want people out there with big tripods when everyone's running around, and having somebody trip over a tripod or something like that. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna run in here and grab some electrical tape, and we're gonna use that to affix the monopod to stationary objects whenever I'm shooting. Here we go, maybe. I've seen this before, but I think it's gonna work. I think we're good here. I'm gonna get two rolls of electrical tape, one for each day. I'm going to be using it liberally and this definitely will solve the problem.

Solved. Alright, so anxiety averted. Problem solved, and it's one that allows me to do what I need to do within some constraints, but most importantly, it's one that allows me to not get the folks at Lollapalooza upset because I mean they are... And I understand why. They've got liability issues, right? Okay, breaths, breaths. I've shot this opening now 14 times. So after going to the wrong coffee place three times, we finally have our coffee. And I'm able to... I'm on the road. I got a little coffee in me. I'm starting to clear my head, and thinking about my day, and so this is how we're gonna lay it out.

Getting to Navy Pier now and we're gonna get the ferris wheel shot. I'm assuming that there'll be people around. Maybe there'll be something else to shoot there. Anything that's kind of Chicago-esque, I'll go ahead and get shot. And actually, I think that I'm gonna be in a good vantage point to get the skyline too. That's gonna be a win. So, key pieces there, I'm gonna pull up, I'll park as close as to the pier as I can. I'm gonna pull out the monopod with the Insta360 selfie stick, put a battery on the selfie sick to power the Insta360 with, and I will take a bottle with me. And I will take the product with me that I'm shooting for, and a couple of things that I use to kind of juice up the way the product looks.

By that, I mean food photography tools. And we'll get that shot done. So we'll get the Navy Pier and depending upon where we're at... I'm gonna try to find a place that I can park in. Of course, I have no clue what the layout of Chicago is, necessarily, but the plan would be, is to find a parking spot if I can, that puts me in between the Navy Pier and a overhead bridge shot of the river so I can get that shot and you get a barge going underneath the river. And there are a couple of shots that I forgot about that I do need to get today before I head to Grant Park. I don't know why this is a parking lot right here. Holy cow. And it's for a long time. Oh man. Alright, I'm still taking breaths. Why on earth is this so slow? I should have gone the other way. Too late now.

Alright. So, this is where I need some discipline because I'm at the ferris wheel on the Navy Pier. Now tell you what, man, I'm tempted to bring the whole backpack with me. But not a good decision. I gotta make sure I pick the right camera because one of these cameras has a damaged lens on it, which makes it kind of a 360 camera. But I'm super motivated... Or super tempted to, like I said, take the whole bag with me. But today, I'm gonna try to practice some discipline so that I can have a little bit more stamina throughout the day. So I'll only be bringing the 360 camera with me. I'm gonna get it all set up here while I'm in the car and we'll be set up for the day. And I'll bring the GoPro which I'm shooting this on just so I can document what I'm doing for you guys. And for these shoots that I'm doing for these B roll shots, I'm only gonna be pulling out the 360 camera and the GoPro. I'm not gonna be lugging around my entire pack with me. Duct taped. So let me get this all set up and then we'll see you guys up on top at the ferris wheel.

I'm gonna probably get about... Shots from about five different positions and then I'm gonna be on my way. And what I'll do is I'll get about two to three minutes of footage on each position that I choose. Probably all of them will have the city in the background. We get our stuff and then we'll move on to either getting a shot of the river with the barges or subway train, depending upon what I come across first.

Is this a camera?


Is this a camera?

Yeah, it is.

There is no professional photography allowed unless you get permission from...

It's not a professional camera.

There's no...

Okay. So I've been told that I can't shoot here because this is copyrighted. So we're gonna see how that goes. I'm gonna continue shooting. I only need three more shots before I'm done here, but she's gonna call security. And as soon as she calls security, I'm sure she'll have to call the police out here. But frankly, what I'm doing is I'm just stalling so that I can stall long enough in order to get the shots that I need to get.

How are you doing? Are you security?


Okay. Why don't you call the police?

I know. I know. Yeah.


You can take this over there. I really don't want to do that.

Okay. Well, I understand but the thing is we might...

Yeah. We deal with this every weekend. We get people that come over with tripods and cameras and take professional pictures.

Okay. I got you. But...

Vision has to walk up and make it what it is. And I honestly want to avoid all that because you're a good guy. I know you're just taking good footage...

Yeah. And that's the thing. I mean, I'll be like three minutes and I'll be out of here.

I know. I wish I can give you that three minutes, but unfortunately, I can't.

Okay. I tell you... I mean, I think it's probably best if you call the police then. Now, I'd understand if I was out there with a huge tripod and big old camera.

Yeah. Yeah.

This thing is... It's a camera for your iPhone.

Right. Right. We'll let them know what you're using.

Okay. And I mean, like I said, I just want to get one... You know, I got this and then I want to get that angle then I'm... Then I'll be out of here. I'll leave the pier. And it's like you see pictures of this thing all over the internet and they're gonna to get mad because people are shooting pictures of it. It's like, "Holy cow." And you think people aren't going to shoot pictures or something as awesome like this?

So basically from what you're telling me, you are okay to shoot.

That's what I thought. Yeah, this is the woman I spoke with. Okay. Well, I mean if we're gonna nitpick, I mean, it's a monopod. So if I was standing here and holding this, it would be okay?

No, if my supervisor still saw you, they would have to talk to you about that. Our PR department, they don't want any tripods or anything of this nature. I'm just...

Okay. Well, let me ask this then, if I was holding this in my hand, it would be okay then?

Without this?


Yes, sir.

That is ridiculous. Okay. I'll put this away and I'll come back and shoot my shot.


You have an awesome day.


Alright. So, the security guards are actually really nice. They understood what was going on. And I understand, if folks are out here with big, huge tripods. I mean, the whole reason why I'm using a monopod is to make this thing less intrusive on what I'm doing. But no one's gonna tell me that I can't shoot out here in public. I mean, this is a public space. It's publicly accessible. Part of me... I mean, I was gonna get a hyper lapse of that thing but... Actually, I might. Maybe I can walk it. Actually, I think I will do a hyper lapse here. Yeah, so what I'll do is I'll walk down here to the edge of the pier where the ferris wheel is just right in my sights. And then I'll just walk back to my car and I'll get the hyper lapse that way. Again, I gotta make adjustments.

Get my music back in and we'll just... We'll walk on... The rear end back to the car while I shoot my hyper lapse.