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5 tips to quickly master social media for food and beverage brands

social media tactics, platforms and strategies change so quickly, it's important for beverage brands to prioritize what's working and eliminate what's not. when it comes to strategy, the first thing that beverage brands and entrepreneurs must do is to make a commitment to social media. you have to be truly dedicated to seeing your social media program succeed.

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6 social media strategy errors for food and beverage brands

while change is constant in marketing, one thing that hasn’t changed in all this time are the mistakes companies and organizations make when trying to build their own online communities. this list of six big errors in social media could have been created 10 years ago but it's just as relevant today as it would have been back then. now as i go through these, let me know in the comments which on you're guilty of and i'll give you advice on how to correct 'em.

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the #1 seo hack food and beverage brands should be optimizing for, but aren't

everyone says they optimize title tags, meta tags, they build links, grow brand queries, but rarely do people focus on their site performance. of course you can optimize your site speed by modifying the site's source code but hosting deeply impacts your rankings also.

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