hi. i'm giovanni.

over the past few years i have built and optimized brands for several music artists, fashion houses on both coasts, and a regional sparkling mineral water. i produced videos for the world's largest snack chip maker, a health food manufacturer that produces functional products with cbd oil, and a big box store from bentonville, arkansas. i shot photos and video on dslrs & iphones for a music documentary television series, a travel show, a hunting and fishing show, several music festivals, food and wine festivals, and fashion shows. i have met and become friends with titans of business, a would-be future president, struggling artists, and a few artists who are not doing too bad for themselves. i've created and nurtured online communities large and small for businesses...large and small.

along the way, i've taught thousands of people how i do what i do.


this is the kind of work that feeds my soul: getting out into the world, getting my hands dirty, doing the real work, building communities, and making something out of nothing with everyday, extraordinary people.

I'm passionate about my adventures in social and digital media building awesome food and beverage brands. I am a recovering mobile & web developer-turned-internet-journeyman who develops and delivers search and social media strategy for clients in food & beverage industries. I produce award-winning social media campaigns for clients that link food and beverage brands with highly-connected fans so my clients enjoy active, engaged relationships with their consumers on social media. Don't take my word for it, have a look at some of the press I've received for myself and my clients over the years.

i launched my agency in 1996 as dallas web builders and have renamed it a couple times along the way. in december of 2018 it evolved into “search+social co.” i like this name. i think it might stick. i just need to find the time to build out the branding. …kinda busy taking care of client work at the moment. :)

i’ve worked on projects ranging from software development on the world's largest travel website, to photo and video production for music, travel, and outdoor tv shows. i even dabble in 360/vr video production and promotion. i've settled into focusing on search engine optimization, social media marketing, and digital strategy for food and beverage brands. that doesn't mean i've walked away from photography and video by any means, it just means i've integrated the media production into my other projects. i just no longer take on projects which are solely photo/video based. i also love digging into the technical side of food and beverage marketing so i think i'll hang around the seo/social media gigs for a while. 

i am currently working with a chain of tex-max qsr restaurants across texas and oklahoma, a hemp-infused wellness products startup based in dallas, and i continue to develop and execute the digital strategy, including seo, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and email marketing, for that regional sparkling water from mexico i mentioned earlier. after launching the brand's digital presence in the united states in 2013, i was fortunate enough to witness their purchase by the world's largest beverage brand in the last quarter of 2017. we're pretty excited to see what the future brings for this brand as i continue to direct its digital strategy.

how do i do all this? i run a boutique marketing studio that specializes in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and digital strategy for food and beverage brands. I operate it on the hollywood model to maximize flexibility, efficiency, and to provide top-notch talent to all our clients. based on what my clients are saying, it seems to be working. 


if you would like to be part of what i'm doing or want to know more about the projects i’ve worked on please get in touch.


Read more about my areas of expertise including social media, search engine optimization, photography, videography, website design and web development. 


The most vital ingredient to a successful project is thorough planning. During pre-production planning and concept development I meet with each client and map out a project concept and proposal addressing the unique elements necessary for the success of the project. During this pre–production planning period I address the following areas:

  • Goal – What is your goal for the project? ( e.g. fundraising, promotion, etc. )

  • Message – What information do you want your audience to walk away with?

  • Audience – Who is your primary audience? (e.g. funders, prospective clients, general audience)

  • Length – What are your length restrictions? (e.g. most effective web video is 3-5 minutes)

  • Venue/format – How will people see your film or video? (the web, DVD, broadcast)

After these primary questions are answered I can focus on style, content, timeline, budget, and logistics. Although I always begin with a very clear idea of the look, feel, and effect of your final cut, I allow room for projects to grow, change, and develop organically.


Providing a full range of production and post-production services, I can take your projects from concept to final cut, because I offer all of these services in-house using small, highly qualified professionals, I can keep these services affordable.


I'm shy, I don't get out much, and I have terrible social skills. By all means, put me in front of an audience. 
I have taught individuals, businesses and organizations in music, fashion, film, TV, tech, travel, sports and food & beverage how social media aligns with their marketing and PR strategies. My speaking style is vibrant, frank, humorous, energetic, and personal. Read testimonials of what others think of my speaking style


I customize each presentation for the audience. I also adjust on-the-fly during my talks to match audience interaction and understanding. I never leave people behind.  


Topics range from the theoretical to the strategic, and to the tactical depending on audience and need. I have presented to musicians, artist managers, politicians, university audiences, technology experts, journalists, marketers, government agencies, students, entrepreneurs, among others.


While you are free to review my speaker's kit. I have cut back on my public speaking for the time being due to time constraints with projects. I’ve shifted my teaching over to YouTube however, You are free email me directly to discuss a speaking event you may have coming up, but please be aware that unless you are representing a non-profit or educational institution, I am only considering engagements which can cover the fees & requirements as outlined in my speaker's kit



I work hard and like to think I'm good at what I do. I love it when others think I'm good at what I do, too. Here are some of the awards I've won.  

  • Three Lone Star Emmy Awards (My roles: cinematography, still photography, social media strategy and management)

  • Nomination for a Lone Star Emmy Award (My roles: cinematography, still photography, social media strategy and management)

  • Seventeen Telly Awards over four years (My roles: cinematography, still photography, social media strategy & management)

  • Music Video For You I Do by Roger Creager nominated for Music Video of the Year by the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards (My role: cinematography)

  • Webby Online Video Award winner: SXSW (My roles: cinematography, editing)

  • AdAge Top 20 U.S. Search Engine Marketing Firm (Founding Partner/COO of Kinetic Results.)


Giovanni knows his stuff. He has been a big help to our online marketing efforts both in his expertise and his ability to engage and train staff. - (5 out of 5)