From time to time I am fortunate enough to be mentioned in a blog or a press article. Other times someone uses a photo of mine and credits me for it. This page is here to stroke my ego. 


  • the impact that hateful football chants can have on children - (photo credit) - the boar: 03.16.2019

  • As Americans turn away from soda, carbonated water becomes a multibillion-dollar industry - (MULTIPLE PHOTO CREDITS) - CBS News: 01.16.2019


  • Rocky Mountain High Brands Retains National Digital Marketing and Social Media Partners for its Direct to Consumer Marketing Strategy - Global News Wire: 06.25.2018

  • Entrepreneurs, Gender Diversity, Strategy on Tap at BevNET Live - 04.10.2018

  • woman tattoos ‘vegan’ on forehead - (photo credit) - opposing views 01.29.201


Pro Moviemaker Magazine

Pro Moviemaker Magazine

  • Make Money From Mobile - "Giovanni very much sees his move over to mobile filmmaking as one that has complimented his approach" - Pro Moviemaker Magazine: 11.15.2017

  • Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral Water Joins Coke's Venturing & Emerging Brands Portfolio - (MULTIPLE PHOTO CREDITS) - Coca-Cola Company: 10.02.2017

  • Coca-Cola acquires premium water Topo Chico - (PHOTO CREDIT) - 10.06.2017

    Coca-Cola unit adds Mexican mineral water brand - (PHOTO CREDIT) - Food Business News: 10.04.2017

  • You Can Get Topo Chico Delivered Pretty Much Anywhere in the United States, but Never Mind, Because We Bought It All - (PHOTO CREDIT) - Food & Wine: 08.31.2017

  • A Former Luddite Earned His Own Holiday in Arlington by Giving Free Tech Advice - "Leland, 62, brings in people like famed Facebook marketer Dennis Yu, Topo Chico brand master Giovanni Gallucci and Amazon super seller Chris Green to share their tricks of the trade." - Dallas Observer: 05.22.2017

  • Interview With iPhone / iPad-Only Content Marketer, Giovanni Gallucci - "Giovanni Gallucci went from all-Canon DSLR to Fuji mirrorless to an all iPhone setup, and he shares with us why and how he made the switch." - Helium Cine Blog: 02.07.2017


  • 10 Conferences You Should Attend As A Business Owner - “Marketing is a key piece to every business, and there is always lots to learn at Confluence. With speakers like Giovanni Gallucci it’s hard to go wrong. “ - Entrepreneur: 11.23.2016

  • Announcing the Top 200 Recognized Content Strategists for 2016 - “giovanni gallucci, Social Media Strategist, Digital Media Producer and Community Manager, Live.Loud.Texas, @giovanni” - mind touch: 10.17.2016

  • Dallas Mavericks Rumors: Is It Time For Dirk Nowitzki To Retire? - (PHOTO CREDIT) - 09.15.2016

  • How Do Texans Beat the Heat? With Water From Mexico - “We have limited resources, so we look and see who has picked up on Topo Chico and is running with it already,” said Giovanni Gallucci, who was brought on as social media consultant in 2013. “We send them product so they will share it with the folks around them. It’s hand-to-hand, guerrilla marketing.” - New York Times: 08.04.2016

  • Why Now is the Time to Get Started with VR (and What it Means for Marketers) - (PODCAST INTERVIEW) - 04.20.2016

  • Topo Chico is Austin's SXSW Cult Cooler - “It’s available in lots of markets now – Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco and Nashville – but there’s no other market where people are as completely rabid about Topo Chico as they are in Austin,” Giovanni Gallucci, a digital strategist for Topo Chico, said. - Paste Magazine: 03.14.2016


  • Tailgates and Face Paint: Gearing Up for College Football Season - (PHOTO CREDIT) - College Magazine: 08.26.2015

  • Giovanni Gallucci on Images as Content and Understanding Usage Rights - (PODCAST INTERVIEW) - Copyblogger: 06.25.2015


  • Live Virtual Reality Experience To Deliver Unprecedented Immersive Access To Music Fans At 2014 Austin City Limits Music Festival - “The latest prototype from Oculus has amazing potential. The growth in virtual reality will explode soon,” - PR Web: 09.23.2014

  • You Can Now Drink at SMU Football Games, But You'll Be Doing So with Wine-Sipping Alumni - (PHOTO CREDIT) - Dallas Observer: 06.25.2014

  • EdgeFest 2014 Is Back In Frisco at Toyota Stadium - (PHOTO CREDIT) - Lifestyle Frisco: 03.25.2014


  • Nick Lowe at Rough Trade East - (Photo Credit) - The Upcoming: 12.17.2013


  • Carolyn Wonderland - (PHOTO CREDIT) - JAM Magazine: 11.01.2011

  • Google+ for Marketers - Extreme Tips and Tricks for G+ w/ Giovanni Gallucci - “It's hard to believe, but it has been almost exactly 3 years since Giovanni Gallucci spoke to us about getting to big media through social media. And by no surprise, he's STILL tearing it up in the field of social. A true veteran, he's back to give us all the lowdown on Google+.” - Developer Fusion: 09.08.2011

  • Geek Beat LIVE #17 - (SHOW HOST) - GeekBeat.TV: 06.03.2011


  • 2010 InnoTech OKC is right around the corner - “Giovanni Gallucci is a genius if you ask me. I feel bad that my first interaction with his was by making fun of his Social Media Ninja moniker.” - Journal Record: 10.26.2010

  • The Pixies - (PHOTO CREDIT) - JAM Magazine: 09.09.2010

  • 9/11 Koran burning 'disrespectful' and 'disgraceful', Hillary Clinton says - "It's a case point of this guy using the traditional news to have something go viral," said Giovanni Gallucci, a social media consultant based in Dallas. "This is nothing more than a publicity stunt — someone waving their arms saying, ‘Hey, look at me! Look at me!' And guess what, we did." - 09.08.2010

  • A Pastor of Public Relations - "She reports that Giovanni Gallucci, a social-media consultant based in Dallas told her: It’s a case of this guy using the traditional news to have something go viral. … This is nothing more than a publicity stunt — someone waving their arms saying, 'Hey, look at me! Look at me!' And guess what, we did." - New York Times: 09.08.2010

  • Glenwood Springs actress on online prank: “It's been amazing” - “But social-media consultant Giovanni Gallucci, for one, is not amused. It’s all just a gimmick — and a dishonest one — to sell ads on a website, Gallucci said.” - Denver Post: 08.12.2010

  • The Twitterverse - “Dallas online consultant Giovanni Gallucci (@giovanni) joined Twitter in the summer of 2006. He remembers its early days as almost nomadic and utilitarian. ‘We hunted and pecked for others, finding people we knew from conferences from our existing networks. It felt natural from the beginning filtering new information to others. The fluff wasn't there yet, the daily minutiae. It was actually a lot of news and links,’ Gallucci says.” - Houston Press: 05.19.2010

  • Social Media and Search – Visual Live Blog: Inntoech Portland-Giovanni Gallucci - “I love to watch Social Media Ninja Giovanni Gallucci present. He imparted a great deal of info on the intersection of social media and search to the audience at the Innotech PDX 2010 eMarketing Summit last week.” - Conversion Sciences: 05.03.2010

  • Top 7 Windows Phone 7 Highlights from MIX10 - "It's a three-horse race between Apple, Google and Microsoft," said Giovanni Gallucci, organizer of the Windows Mobile Developer Camp last year, who said new Windows Phone camps are in the works (more to come about that in the near future). - Redmond Channel Partner: 03.22.2010

  • Awesome Social Media Workshops from Andy Beal & Marketing Superstars – “Training from experts such as Jason Falls, John Jantsch, Giovanni Gallucci, yours truly, and a bunch of other top-notch marketers?” – Marketing Pilgrim: 03.15.2010


  • Giovanni Gallucci Provides Top 10 Extreme Social Media Hacks - "I’d like to think that mine ranks in that arena, but one that I enjoyed in particular (as well as getting to meet the speaker for the first time) was the talk given by Giovanni Gallucci. - Silicon Angle: 08.13.2009

  • Best of Travel, LLC Welcomes Social Media Expert and SEO Leader Giovanni Gallucci – “‘We are extremely excited to add such a knowledgeable member as Giovanni to our team. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also great fun to be around and to have a beer with. He also adheres to our “no dress code” policy,’ says Carrie Layne, CEO of Best of Travel.” PRWeb 08.04.2009

  • Viewzi Visual Search Engine Releases New Celebrity Gossip View – “Traditional search in boring. Fans looking on the standard search engines for news about their favorite celebrities are left to dig through millions and millions of blue links on a white background to find the information they are looking for. The difference between the standard search engines and Viewzi is in how Views are displayed versus the basic search results page from the big search engines.“ PRWeb 11.19.2009

  • Viewzi Brings Fresh View to Online Search – “Viewzi Inc. ( this week launched a new type of search engine, providing Internet users a way to visually experience the best results from top search sites and other online content sources making search more fun.” PR Newswire 06.11.2009

  • Ramblings on Social Media - "This blog post isn’t about ‘how to do it right’…lord knows I’m not a Social Media expert. Go read Chris Brogan, Giovanni Gallucci or the many other experts out there.” - Eric Brown: 01.16.2009


  • Meet Mar.Com, The Techmeme For Marketing And Communication - "I just stumbled upon the freshly launched Mar.Com, dubbed a ‘Techmeme for Marketing and Communication’ by co-creator Giovanni Gallucci on Twitter. It’s essentially an aggregation and filtering service for news related to advertising, digital marketing, search engine optimization, etc. where users can also submit events and jobs related to those topics.” - TechCrunch: 12.29.2008


  • Video Podcast Trailblazers of GeekBrief.TV, Cali Lewis & Neal Campbell to Speak at Inaugural POD (Podcasters of Dallas) Event “POD, a new media enthusiast group in Dallas, Texas announced today that Cali Lewis, GeekBrief.TV’s host and show producer Neal Campbell will speak at the…” PRWeb 11.14.2007

  • Social Media Expert Giovanni Gallucci of DexterityMedia chosen to Speak at FlashForward2007 in Boston – “In this session, Social Media Evangelist Giovanni Gallucci will discuss best practices from a decade-long career consulting with more experienced bloggers, podcasters, community builders, and social networkers to help the small business and independent interactive artist utilize social networks and social media outlets to establish a brand online and build an audience of potential clients.” PRWeb 09.17.2007

  • Not the ROI of blogging, but the Reach And Influence of blogging - "Giovanni Gallucci, social media consultant extraordinaire, had examples of how to tie social media value to real numbers.” - 08.27.2007

  • Dexterity Media Announces Release of SocialTrackr: Interactive Firm Creates First Social Network Resource Directory – “In order to bring the many social media websites into one easy to find location, Dexterity Media has unveiled a new website called SocialTrackr, a web directory…” PRWeb 04.25.2007

  • Kinetic Results is Now Dexterity Media: Interactive Firm Undergoes Transformation to Reflect Expansion, Market Changes -” In response to the overwhelming popularity of their expanded media offerings, the partners of Kinetic Results, LLC have announced that the public facing image of…” PRWeb 03.27.2007

  • Kinetic Results Now Dexterity Media - "The team at Dexterity is now made up of Giovanni Gallucci, president & COO; Tony Wright, VP of client services; David J. Wilkie, VP of creative; and Anthony Zapata, VP of client strategy.” - Search Engine Watch: 03.26.2007

  • Yellow Highlighter- The Agency Blog - "So, is it shallow of me to say one thing I love about Giovanni Gallucci’s blog is the general look and feel?” - 03.13.2007


  • Kinetic Results Named One Of The Top Search Marketing Agencies By Advertising Age: Texas-based Interactive Firm Among Top 20 Search Marketing Companies – “Advertising Age, the Crain Communications publication for advertising professionals, has just released its “Search Marketing Fact Pack,” a…” PRWeb 11.13.2006

  • Kinetic Results Partner to Speak at ad:tech New York: Interactive Firm’s President & COO Will Explore Windows Vista Ad Opportunities – “Giovanni Gallucci, President and Chief Operating Officer of Kinetic Results (, has been invited to speak at the ad:tech Conference…” PRWeb 11.07.2006

  • A Podcasting Network For Web Marketers and Technologists: Media Swamp Gaining Listeners, Attracting Advertisers – “The Media Swamp Podcasting Network, a podcast hosting service and information network featuring original and syndicated podcasts and vodcasts available for…” PRWeb 05.31.2006

  • Kinetic Results Partner to Speak at Ad:Tech IMPACT Series: Interactive Firm’s Technology / Operations Expert to Join Panel of Industry Notables – “Giovanni Gallucci, Managing Partner of Kinetic Results, will speak at the Ad:Tech IMPACT series, a marketing seminar held in ten key cities in the US and Canada….” PRWeb 0310.2006

  • Kinetic Results Partner to Speak at SES New York: Interactive Firm’s Client Services Director to Join Panel of Industry Notables “Tony Wright, Director of Client Services for Kinetic Results, will speak at the Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference in New York City on Thursday,…” PRWeb 02.23.2006


  • North American Outdoor Adventure Selects Zunch for Search Engine Optimization Needs: Interactive Agency to Supply Online Solutions for Adventure Vacations Group – “The search engine optimization team at Zunch Communications, Inc. ( announced today that they will be providing search engine marketing…” PRWeb 10.05.2005

  • Zunch Communications, Inc. Team Continues to Expand -”Zunch Communications, Inc. announced this week the addition of a new Technical Account Manager, Erin Sass. Sass will be assuming the role of client services…” PRWeb 09.16.2005

  • Zunch Communications, Inc. Wins Two WebAwards: Interactive Agency Wins International “Standard of Excellence” Awards for Website Development – “The creative and development teams from top-ranked interactive agency Zunch Communications, Inc. ( have been awarded two WebAwards…” PRweb 09.14.2009

  • Blog Dog Lifts Leg on Fire Hydrant of Conventionality -“Listen here and listen good,” announces Giovanni Gallucci in between gulps of coffee, wiping his chin and splattered desk with his hand, “This…” PRWeb 06.22.2005

  • Zunch Launches New FASTSIGNS® Site: Search Engine Marketing Company Adds CMS for Flexibility – “Zunch Communications of Dallas, working closely with executives at FASTSIGNS International, Inc., have“thrown the switch” on the new FASTSIGNS®…” PRWeb 05.31.2005

  • Zunch Promotions Among Management: Search Engine Marketing Company Restructures for Growth – “The Chairman&CEO of Zunch Communications, Inc., John Sanchez, announced promotions within the organization today. Giovanni Gallucci, formerly the company’s…” PRWeb 05.23.2005

  • Microsoft Recognizes Search Engine Optimization Company Dallas’ Zunch Becomes Microsoft Certified Partner – “Of course Microsoft benefits in that we are employing their technologies,” said Giovanni Gallucci, Chief Operating Officer of Zunch, “But…” PRWeb 02.09.2005


  • Online Shopping Cart Makes Sense – “If there was a way to allow all the content in shopping cart databases to be seen by the bots, crawlers and spiders that log the content of the Internet, a…” PRWeb 07.29.2004

  • Dallas Team Gets Maverick – “Zunch Communications has announced the acquisition of Giovanni Gallucci to the website design and search engine optimization services company. Gallucci will join…” PRWeb 07.22.2004

  • Web Analytics Added to Dallas Firm Portfolio – “Knowing who visited your site and how they got there is critical in the world of online marketing. Zunch Communications, Inc. has announced the launch of ZWebTulz,…” PRWeb 07.22.2004

I liked Giovanni’s willingness to share. I liked the tricks. I am not at the level to do these, but I learned that they could be done. - (5 out of 5)