speaking testimonials


Speaking Testimonials

These are testimonials I have received from attendees at my speaking events over the past several years. I have presented on search engine optimization, social media marketing, and digital strategy to over 100 events and received a 98.6% positive rating from attendees at my events. This rating is based on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being "terrible" and 5 being "very good." Of the respondents, 98.6% rated my talk at 4 or 5 with 98.2% saying they'd either recommend my talks to a peer and/or they'd see another talk from me. 


If you need a world-class speaker who can not only connect with your audience and entertain them, but who will leave them with tangible tips and strategies that they can implement in that marketing programs immediately, you owe it to yourself to have a peek at my speaker's kit and give me a call


"Great sense of humor that helped break up the nerdy information. Plenty of take-away's from leading edge information."


"He is as entertaining as he is insightful...which is good, because even those experienced in SEO got insights from his presentation."


"Great presentation, well-structured, entertaining with tons of actionable take-aways."


"Loved Gio’s ability to clearly and simply convey concepts and illustrations, great humor & excellent delivery!"


"I found Giovanni's style of infusing humor with actionable SEO tactics refreshing. I would have happily paid double for the information alone."


"He is a great blend of content and entertainment and this is coming from someone who speaks professionally for a living. Great job, Giovanni! You have a new fan.


"Liked that you kept things high level and dove into a few topics that have changed with SEO over the years. AI, chatbots( blahh), Voice.. Ive seen you several times and have always enjoyed your presentations!"


"Loved it!!! I’d like to work for you!! Love your energy and humor!"


"Really valuable content — one of the best presentations I have heard in a very long time!


"The most actionable, informative marketing luncheon presentation I have ever attended."


"Fun speaker who knows his stuff and shares tactical info."


"The great thing is that a major take-away is given in the first five minutes and then it just gets better from there! And I thought that was the cat's meow!! Thanks for your down-to-earth presentation so those of us not speaking the same language can understand. You are a speaker I'd go listen to again! And recommend to others, too."


“Nuclear WOW! A great way to engage a younger generation in a relevant, meaningful way, Entertaining!”


“Presentation that goes straight to the point, real useful tips and info which is almost immediately usable.”


“I liked Giovanni. Unflappable, gracious, patient and generous. He covered a lot of material and managed questions and stories with ease.”


“I think Gio is terribly talented and very personable. He is very enjoyable to listen to. Everything he talked about was of benefit.”


“I loved that you gave us so much information in such a short period of time and that you were so excited about what you were doing.”


“Hearing the ways to back into programs and ways off the napkin. I also liked the laid back feel.”


“It was real, not theory. I can really apply what I learned, and I plan to. :-)”


“Watching Gio actually work in the networks helped me understand how to do it. Also, I loved the insiders tips and back doors. I really liked getting such an indepth tour of all the options so quickly. Since I already knew SEO, this was a great fit for me.”


“What I enjoyed most about this seminar was getting in depth into not just why social media is important, but the tools we need to make it easier.”


“Loved learning about the tools used to manage, grow, and automate some of the social marketing. Loved the flow of the class and the free flow question / answer style.”


“Gio….of course. He is very effective with conveying a lot of relevant information for a large group of people using examples that apply to the variety of companies represented.”


“This was very practical and hands-on. I appreciated that Gio tried to tie in the industries that were represented as he went through the various sites.”


“You’re funny and personable without being condescending. “


“Amazing! Should have been a whole day”

Giovanni told us specific actionable things we can do TODAY to help our firm rank higher in search engines. - (5 out of 5)